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The Strength of America - Statement from Thay and the Sangha

lundi 3 mars 2003

Statement from Thay and the Sangha

The Strength of America

All of my friends and disciples on the five continents join me to humbly ask the government of the U.S.A. not to start a war with Iraq.

The war will bring destruction not only to the people of Iraq but also to the U.S.A. and to people all over the world.

Please look into your own past experience with war to recognize the vast devastation that war creates for all warring parties, in terms of loss of precious human lives, destruction of the natural environment, and destruction of diplomatic relationships and peace between nations in the world.

Please use your powers of reflection and understanding of the past and present situations in order to prevent such destruction and devastation to the peoples of the United States and for the protection and safety of people all over the world.

Please look deeply into the interconnections between the U.S.A. and all nations in the world to see that war in one place will contribute to war in many places, destruction in one direction will lead to destruction in many directions.

We ask the U.S.A. to operate in harmony with the community of nations, making use of the collective wisdom and decision making capacities of that community.

Please help strengthen the U.N. as an organization for peace-keeping, because that is the hope of the world.

Please do not cause damage or destroy the authority and the role of the United Nations, instead support it wholeheartedly by listening to its recommendations.

Please see the U.S.A. as an active member of the larger organization of the United Nations and seek to work together as an international community to ensure the safety and well-being for the people of the U.S.A. and for all people in the world.

The United Nations, made up of many nations in the world, has the capacity to provide and support constructive settings to establish dialogue and to offer conditions for maintaining peace and security for all nations in the world.

Please reveal the great strength and wisdom of the U.S.A. by showing the world that it is possible to resolve conflict without the long lasting destruction and devastation caused by war.

We will all be very grateful.

Thich Nhat Hanh and the Global Community of Mindful Living

Plum Village, France 16 February 2003


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