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Roger Garin-Michaud

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Quel bouddhisme pratiquer ?

Par Roger Garin-Michaud

Title : .
Question :
I have come to the Dharma at a difficult time in my life, and I would like to begin practicing Buddhism. My question is this :

*Which* Buddhism should I practice ? Which Buddhism is ’right for me ?’ For instance, as I understand it, there is Buddhism ; then, within Buddhism, there are three major schools : Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana ; within each of these schools, there are lineages, such as Kagyu-pa, Nyngma-pa, and Sakya-pa ; and each of these lineages has as its core the teachings of the Buddha, but ’flavored’ with practices and traditions unique to each one. What I’m looking for in my life is peace and simplicity. I understand there is a meditation on Mindfulness of Breathing, and that would be of great help to me. Therefore, should I practice the school, lineage and traditions of which Mindfulness of Breathing is a part ?

I thank you all for your assistance in sorting out this wonderful, yet bewildering, practice of Buddhism.

P. S. Several months ago, I purchased a statue of the Medicine Buddha as it has special significance in my life. Should my interest in the Medicine Buddha determine ’which Buddhism’ I practice ?

Réponse :

the very fact that you already bought a statue of the Medicine Buddha shows to me that you already have a strong karmic connection with the Tibetan tradition.
So you should began studying this tradition and most particularly the books relating to the Medicine Buddha (see my Buddhist bibliography which can be accessed from http://www.geocities.com/wangchuk37/buddbib.html )
Regarding the breath meditation, being the most basic form of meditation i believe it’s present in all streams of Buddhism...
But as mentionned above my feeling is that you should really go for Tibetan Tantric Buddhism...
hope this is the answer to your question.

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