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Roger Garin-Michaud

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Débuter dans le bouddhisme loin des centres

Par Roger Garin-Michaud

Title : Begining buddhist

Question :
I would like to know where to start if i want to become a true buddhist. I live in a small area. So there’s not much around. So i need things like books. Websites. Etc. any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Réponse :
you can of course my Buddhist bibliography at :
and also use my Buddhist directory at :
which list all of the Buddhist web sites that i know of.
You can also use the Dharma centre locator (it is listed on the Buddhist directory) to find if there is a Buddhist centre close to your place of residence.
You can also read the Buddhist forums like alt.religion.buddhism
and alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan
If you do not know how to configure your email reader to get onto the forum, you can still use your brower to go the Dejanews which archive all of the newsgroups in webpages format.
The Url you can use is :

Hope this is what you were looking for, if you need more infos feel free to use this forum again for more....
Have a nice Sunday !

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