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Roger Garin-Michaud

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Constance dans la pratique

Par Roger Garin-Michaud

Question :

Hello and Happy New Year everyone ! I have a bit of a problem right now. Last year I went through a lot of tough times, but I coped, mainly because I had found inner peace with Buddhism. Once, I was meditating and reading and chanting daily, but I somehow got caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and strayed away from that. I still believe in the teachings of the Dharma and I still feel the Buddha within me. But I am beginning to feel so lost again and I’m not sure how I can return to the inner peace and serenity I had found a few months ago. None of my friends or family understands what I am feeling because I live in a very Christian community that doesn’t really accept other religions or philosophies. Maybe I’m just feeling very alone. I’m not sure. I just thought writing to some kindred spirits might make me feel better. Thank you all for your time.

Question :
well the important point is regularity, and i found that meditating every morning and every evening (just before going to bed) help me keep a "cool head" most of days.

Geshe Ngawang Dargyey used to say :
- if we do not meditate on the certainty of death while waking up, then our morning is lost
- if we do not meditate a lunch time on the certainty of death then our afternoon is lost
- if we do not meditate on the certainty of death in the evening then our evening is lost...
i found that this meditation certainly help me keep things in perspective, and also the meditation on the precious human rebirth, which is so difficult to get and so easily lost and frittered away by petty concerns...
So one has to remind oneself daily and thrice a day if possible, that we do not have much time left in the precious human body and that we must really make the most of every second, because each one of them is counted and the countdown to our certain death has already started at birth...

We do have the most precious fortune ever found, ie receiving the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni so let us not be distracted by whatever other non practitioners could tell us to make us stray apart from the middle way.

Hope this short message will help a bit,

Tashi delegs,
Thubten Wangchuk aka
Roger Garin-Michaud

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